Thursday, June 27, 2013

Running On Empty

Surprise! I'm still alive...but just barely. I had a fantastic time on vacation with my sister and tried to persuade Hubs and the kids to move immediately to Seattle. Unfortunately, G found out she is the same classes as her best friend this fall and is very resistant to leaving him behind. Oh well. I still crave the scallop chowder from Pike Place Chowder and it will be a very sad day when I run out of the smoked salt I brought back from the market. A very sad day indeed.

Was I able to slowly get back in the swing of things in my post-vacation bliss state? Of course not. I started working on the major work project of my year and because of my complete under-estimation of the time and effort it would take, managed to give myself several small heart attacks and weeks of sleeplessness. I am finally toward the end of the tunnel and can get back to thinking about things unrelated to work. Hallelujah.
After all, I still have 200 pictures of Seattle to unload from my phone.

For people who work full-time and/or have kids in camp all day, the summer should not really feel different from any other time of the year. And yet, it seems like drastically more work.  Maybe it is because camp has a field trip, or picnic, or water day every week that requires me to keep up with who needs to take swimsuits or wear their day care t-shirt on any given day. Maybe the kids are weirdly less tired when they come home from camp and want more attention. Or maybe it is because the girls are naturally suspicious when I insist it is bedtime but the sun it still up. I mean, come on- it is summer in Georgia.  The sun doesn't go down until my bedtime.

Side story- E insisted on wearing her bathing suit to day care for water day last week. WITHOUT CLOTHES OVER IT.  I let my four year old walk into class in a bathing suit and sneakers. All the adults that passed us smiled and nodded and said, "I wouldn't want to fight that fight either". E's friend SM, on the other hand, was scandalized. She ran to me, mouth agape, and yelled "E can't walk around in her bathing suit! She has got to put clothes on!" Tell me about it, SM, tell me about it.

Other side note- I just went to tell G good night and she was listening to talk radio in her bed. I asked what the show was about and she said "portfolios". Like financial portfolios? Yep. My kids are so weird.