Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Clean Slate

It feels like I waited so long for the year to change over to 2015 and now six days have already flown by! Today was my first day back to work (and school for the kids) after 17 days off.  Kind of sort of glad to start a routine again, but the "routine" of sleeping in and watching hours of "Doctor Who" on Netflix was pretty nice too.

I made an effort to knock out some small projects over the break.  Little things like cleaning out my dresser and side tables and setting up an organized jewelry table made me feel very productive.  A friend and I were talking about how the start of a new year feels like you are being handed a clean slate.  I can be more organized this year! I can make healthier choices this year! I can be happier this year!  Isn't that what we are all really looking for? More happiness?  The truth is any day can be a clean slate, but if the new year gives you extra motivation like it does me- go for it!

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