Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Some of the concepts I have tried to embrace from "The Happiness Project" have been...trying. As in, it is a lot easier (for me) to default back to a sad face when things go wrong. It has not escaped my notice that the daily meditation messages I subscribe to have segued into a series of thoughts on gratefulness.  Hmm. Point taken.

So this week, instead of grumbling how hard it is to "single parent" for a few weeks, I am grateful for time alone with my three girls. I am grateful the hubs has a great job to travel for when many people are not so lucky. I am grateful he will only be away three weeks, when so many other parents are on their own for months or years. I am even (trying to be) grateful that my four year old woke me up in the middle of the night because she didn't "have anybody to snuggle". The time for mommy snuggles is limited and one day I will long for these nights. That day is not today, but one day.  :  )  While I find many things in daily life momentarily frustrating, I realize that 99% of my "problems" are so insignificant. My email would not send this morning because of a server port issue. I fixed it. See, tiny problems. Re-framing what stinks into what I can appreciate has really helped me feel better.

I am still working on how to be grateful for procrastination, because I have done a terrible job on that resolution this month. Just insert your own "appreciating the slowness of life" statement here.  : )

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  1. Good thoughts on focusing on gratitude rather than complaining. I need that reminder often!

    So what's your March resolution? Besides spending time with your awesome sister, of course!