Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

The hubs is completing the final week of a three week training in Texas. Since the girls and I would be on our own for half of the month, I thought a great resolution for March would be to love and appreciate my girls. All that time together could give lots of opportunities to bond.  That's okay- I'll wait for you to stop laughing.

I will give the disclaimer that I know three weeks is nothing compared to single parents, military families, etc. However, hubs and I tackle parent duties pretty equally. He drops all of them off to school/daycare every day and while I don't get to sleep in late, I do get to either stay in pj's makeup free or get some exercise after they all leave until my work day begins. Being the only parent to get them up, dressed, fed, dropped off, picked up, fed again, supervise homework, give baths and tuck in bed starts to wear thin after a week or so. While I don't think I am a big meanie mom, I do have a tendency to yell when angry or particularly frustrated. This was definitely something I wanted to improve on, and what better way to overcome it than experience one of the most (for me) stressful parenting situations?

It has turned out to be surprisingly smooth sailing. Yes, I am very happy to tuck kids in and retreat to my room at night. Yes, the girls argue and throw fits and rat each other out. Yes, I have felt annoyed and frustrated numerous times during the last three weeks. However, since I have been looking for the good it hasn't been that hard to find. My eleven year old has really stepped up and been exceedingly helpful. She has made her sisters breakfast most mornings without being asked and has offered to help me with lots of things. She would prefer to play on her tablet most days, but she genuinely looks for ways to help. The younger girls are eager to pursue fun at every chance. I don't feel like I have time for fun when there are endless chores to be done. They have helped me embrace fun for the sake of fun. Once I jump in, I really do enjoy watching them play or color or give my pretend food order to my six year old "server" dozens of times. They are the silliest girls and I would have missed a lot of silly memories if I had not been looking. I would have missed the latest hair trend they invented, the quadruple pony tail style. I would have missed a kid made dinner and show presented by the "Mitchell Family Dance Company". Great memories and reminders that I have really great kids. Besides, it is pretty fun to snuggle in bed, watch a movie and share Girl Scout cookies with those cuties.  : )

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