Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley

Spring in Georgia was ushered in with two days of freeze warnings, wind advisories, and a weekend of thunderstorms. While some people may have used the ample time inside to tackle long needed home projects, I used the time for mental health. In other words, I lay around, read books and watched TV. The girls made a huge fort in the living room. When big sister and little sister punked out on plans to spend the night in the fort, the teary eyed six year old and Daddy had their own fort slumber party.

My eleven year old (G) used the weekend to write up positive affirmations on post-it notes all over the house.  All of them say nice things, like "You are a smart cookie!". Some of them are unintentionally hilarious. One posted on our bathroom mirror says the images we see are "100% loved by your daughters." Sweet when looking in the mirror. When getting out of the shower directly across from said mirror- a little creepy. One of my favorites is this one posted on a mirror in my bedroom:

She meant it is a really lovely way, but it cracked me up. It reminded me of the old Stuart Smalley skits from "Saturday Night Live". It starts off nice and positive then seems to go right off the rails. G had the best intentions to uplift us. Maybe it made me laugh in a way she didn't intend, but it definitely uplifted my spirits. I'm glad I have G to help me with my "stinkin' thinkin'". Because I am good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!  

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  1. Aw, that's so sweet of her! I need to get her to send me some affirmations. Much nicer than S's "fortunes" for us a couple of weeks ago. :)