Monday, April 1, 2013

Two holidays in a row? Kill me now.

Happy Monday! Our weekend was spent with way too much candy and an inside Easter egg hunt that lasted approximately four minutes. It is surprisingly difficult to hide eggs when a house is generally messy. I was afraid we would never find the last few eggs so I basically placed them in plain sight.  The girls really just want the candy so it all worked out.

At least today’s “holiday” (and I use that term very loosely) does not require gifts, cards or candy. I am not generally a prankster, so I didn't pull any April Fool’s tomfoolery this morning. There are a lot of cute prank ideas on Pinterest, like freezing your kid’s cereal and milk in the bowl the night before so they dig into ice. Or stick a gummy worm in an apple. Hilarity ensues. Well, that isn't how we roll in this house. If I were going to prank my kids, I would put plastic wrap over their door so when they walked this morning they bounced off plastic onto their butts. Maybe tell one of them their teacher called and they are in big trouble. Two of my three kids would cry over that one, so the aftermath isn't really worth the entertainment value.  My four year old couldn't care less. It was a lot more fun to prank people in college when the possibility of emotionally damaging people didn't occur to any of us and I didn't have to wipe away anyone’s tears afterward. You pranked, laughed, and went on with your day. Ah, the good old days. Does anyone have any big prank plans for the day? Have you ever been pranked in a big way? I could use a good laugh, so the more embarrassing, the better. 

P.S. Did you see the Tim Gunn Facebook post that I can only assume is an April Fool’s prank? It almost gave me a heart attack until I realized it is a prank. An all menswear season? Please be a joke.


  1. Some of the Pinterest-inspired April's Fools jokes remind me of the psychotic Elf on the Shelf pranks--nothing but heartache and a big mess for the mom to clean up afterward. I didn't pull any pranks this year. We used to engage in office pranks on a fairly regular basis years ago but the office atmosphere is not so much fun anymore. :(

    1. Do tell! What was the funniest prank anyone did in your office? No one ever did pranks when I worked in an office. It probably would have made the day go faster. Maybe pranks help boost morale? You should bring them back to your office.