Friday, April 5, 2013


I feel this way every Friday, but I am especially glad to be thisclose to the weekend. We have an exciting mix of house cleaning and kids shoe shopping planned (eye roll). But, I also plan to have some lazy time. Maybe some chocolate and a mimosa. Next week is spring break and although we aren't taking any time off, we'll get a little extra sleep-in time before taking kids to camp every morning.

Do you recall a time long ago when a magical TV channel played music videos all day long? Since that channel stinks now, I depend on Palladia channel for my morning music video fix. This is pretty much the only way I stay remotely up on new music and retain at least a modicum of my cool factor. I've seen this NKOTB video several times and the song is so darn catchy! I will preface this by saying I was NEVER a NKOTB fan the first time around, or a fan of boy bands generally, but something about the dancing and the beat and Donnie Wahlburg in those glasses- it has sucked me in. Enjoy.

(Video courtesy of YouTube)

I am really digging music with a throwback sound to it. (So proud to hear a Fitz and the Tantrums song in a commercial the other day. I didn't discover or sign them, but I have one of their albums which is sort of the same thing.) I liked The Heavy's song "How You Like Me Now?" and now I really like "What Makes a Good Man?".

(Video courtesy of YouTube)

Finally, this video of Michael BublĂ© is so cool. This fifteen year old kid had to be embarrassed/ nervous/ overwhelmed and that he could squeak out anything, much less sing, blows my mind. The video does have what some would consider R-rated words sprinkled in, so maybe not crank up the volume if you are at work or in a church or anything.  

(Video courtesy of YouTube. )

Any music you think I should check out? I like more rock/pop/alternative, but am willing to give anything a chance. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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