Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jon Hamm Ruined My Post

I thought I would do this funny thing about Jon Hamm and show a hot picture and a really unflattering picture to be silly. Guess what? There are no unattractive pictures of Jon Hamm. I don't know if he has better PR people than Beyonce or it is just impossible to get a hideous picture of him (ala Barney Stinson).  I searched Jon Hamm photos, ugly, silly, unflattering- he still looks hot in every picture! Even his long haired saxophone playing character on SNL is oddly attractive. I would be jealous of Jon's real life love Jennifer Westfeldt if she were not so darn smart and talented (and gorgeous). So thanks a lot, Jon Hamm. Your photogenic perfection ruined my comedic stylings.

I may also harbor some bitterness that Jon recently appeared in a dream as my platonic friend, while my romantic interest in dream land was Daryl Hall. Of Hall and Oates. Seriously? I'm sure Daryl Hall is a lovely person, but I can't go for that. No can do. I made the mistake of mentioning this dream to the Hubs and now I have fifteen new Hall and Oates songs in iTunes. Fantastic. So that is how my weirdo brain "relaxes" at night. Any weird or funny dreams going on out there?  

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  1. FYI, the "HIMYM" episode where Barney can't take a bad photo is on right now!