Monday, April 8, 2013

This Is What a Good Weekend Looks Like

It appears spring has finally sprung! I wanted to snap a picture of the gorgeous cherry blossoms in bloom down the road but driving and taking pictures don’t mix well for me. Enjoy these instead.

Sweet goodness in a box. We are normally a Krispy Kreme family and I am not sure the kids had even had Dunkin before. Hubs grabbed a dozen on his way home Friday and the girls went nuts for them. 

Hubs (bless him) went shoe shopping for the younger two girls and snagged them some new sneakers. E’s shoes light up with the brightest flashing lights I have ever seen. She loves them. I fear they may induce seizures at day care.  Time will tell. 

S learned to jump rope Saturday and jumped. And jumped. And jumped.  All weekend long- thump, thump, thump. She also wanted me to repeatedly count how many times she could jump. I kept telling myself at least she was exercising.

I spent some time cleaning out my closet. I have a really hard time getting rid of perfectly good clothes, even when I never wear them or they don’t fit well. The tiny Tim Gunn that lives in my head pushed me to let go of a lot. Sunday, I bought these shirts and pants for summer. I’m trying to add color and pattern to my wardrobe since black and gray are my go-to clothes colors. So ready for warm weather clothes!

I finished up my weekend with Don Draper and company. Overall, it was a nice weekend. How was yours? 

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  1. Wow, E's shoes are bright--I can only imagine them in living color. At least she'll be easy to spot if she should choose to run off in the middle of the night. Congrats to S on the jump roping skills--she'll have to show me next time I see her. And I'm digging your new prints. I too have a hard time getting rid of clothes and venturing out of my solids comfort zone but the last couple of shirts both had prints so I'm making progress!