Monday, April 22, 2013

Skin Care

One of the nicer things about maturing (age-wise, not attitude) is my face has become noticeably less oily over the last year or so. The not so great thing is I still (still!) get breakouts sometimes and my skin has a less than ideal texture in my opinion. A little dull, some redness, weird non-zip bumps- overall kind of blah. I feel indifferent about a lot of things, but facial skin is not one of them. I read a book, did some research and tried a few products that I ended up really liking. I bought everything at Ulta but you could find any of these products at Target or CVS.

Aveeno Ultra Calming foaming cleanser is a very light, foamy cleanser. It almost feels like whipped air going on, but it cleans well and does not dry out my skin. I have noticed much less redness after using this. I have also tried to tone down my favored boiling water temperature, which I am sure helps with redness also. Every evening, I pat a little RoC Retinol Correction Sensitive Eye Cream around my eyes. I don’t think I have serious crow’s feet yet, but I’d rather prevent than treat. This is the first retinol product I have ever tried and it has not caused any redness or irritation at all. Since my eye wrinkles were not super pronounced in the first place, I can’t for sure yet how well this is treating them but I do like it. At night, I use the Lancôme Rénergie lifting cream (a birthday present). It gives nice, creamy coverage and smells divine. However, I am pretty cheap frugal on skin care and cosmetics so I am not sure I would pay the retail price for this again.

Two or three times a week, I use the RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks. These are awesome! It feels like I have sandpapered my whole face smooth, but with none of the burn. They have helped tremendously with my skin texture. You probably could use them every day if you wanted but I don’t need it that often. I’ve used Olay Complete day cream with SPF for years. I generally like it and would only try something else to mix it up. Any skin care products you can’t live without?


  1. I've used the Olay Complete w/SPF as my a.m. moisturizer for forever. My favorite new discovery is the Yes to Grapefruit facial scrub. I use it every a.m. with my Olay rotating brush and it gets my skin nice and smooth.

  2. I tried the Neutrogena Wave thinking it was going to be like a poor woman's Clarisonic, but it vibrates instead of rotates. It is okay, but not what I was expecting. Maybe I should try the Olay brush?