Monday, April 15, 2013

My Weirdo Kids are Normal

The Tumbler "Reasons My Son Is Crying" made the rounds on news websites and blogs last week. The photo series features adorable one year old Charlie crying over a multitude of issues as explained by his parents. My personal favorite is captioned "I broke this cheese in half". Brother, I have been there. I think anyone who has been around a kid longer than thirty minutes can relate to the completely irrational, unreasonable nature of children.

Exhibit A: these pictures of E were taken within ten seconds of each other. What happened in the intervening ten seconds? Absolutely nothing. She really wanted her picture taken, then she really didn't. That's just how this four year old rolls.

Friday morning, my six year old picked out a pair of shorts to wear to spring break camp, then came to breakfast crying. "I don't want to wear these shorts; all the kids will make fun of me", she said. When I asked why she picked them out, she said they were cute in the drawer but not in person. (Side note: those shorts are adorable, FYI.) My four year old picked out a black shirt, then decided it was hideous and threw it in my face. IN MY FACE. We had a "conversation" about that, she apologized, and she understands flinging anything in my face is not a wise move. Kids are fickle pickles and as much as I try to understand where they are coming from, sometimes it is nonsensical. I struggle a lot with how hard to push them and what battles to pick. My kids should be respectful and polite and you know, not throw clothes at me but changing shorts when we have plenty of time should not be WWIII. I'm also not big on bribing kids to do things, but I did notice how much more agreeable they were to doing yard work and deep cleaning their rooms with the promise of frozen yogurt on the horizon.

Let's face it: some days I want to sit and cry for no reason so why do I expect more emotionally maturity from a four year old? : ) I can assure you all three of my girls cried at various times over the weekend. Some was for legitimate physical injuries or hurt feelings. Some of it was for borderline ridiculous reasons, and some of it I still don't understand what caused tears. Kids get hysterical over nothing and it is totally normal.

This is completely unrelated to crying, unless you cry at extreme adorable-ness. This it is the stinking cutest picture of a baby with puppies I have ever seen and wanted to share it.

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