Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Freeze Frame

Four year olds are like a box of chocolates- you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes they are sweet, sometimes they are a little nuts.

Thankfully, E was in a sweet mood yesterday and rocked it at the dentist's office yesterday. She readily opened her mouth, laughed at the "Mr. Tickle" brush, and cheerfully skipped off without me to get her X-rays taken. Watching her in action reminds me how quickly my "babies" are growing up. I have paperwork waiting on my desk to enroll E in pre-K this fall. I will appreciate the reduction in day care costs, but my little baby will be in an official organized school setting.

Last night, the hubs attended parent orientation at the middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL! I'm not quite ready for G to be a middle schooler. We have had some bumps in the road this year related to organizational skills, and the idea that she will have six different classes to keep up with next year is a little sobering. G has been anticipating today's field trip with her entire fifth grade into the "big city". She was excited about riding in a chartered bus and eating the beef jerky she packed for a snack. I was worried about kidnappings, random acts of violence and traffic accidents. Fifth grade celebration/graduation is this week and I am not quite ready to say good bye to elementary school.

Don't get me wrong: I love seeing them as individual people with their own experiences and independence. It is just sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep them where they are now. Where they still talk to me about their days and friends, and let me hug them. I look forward to many things we can do as they get older without the limitations small children (and their tiny bladders) bring, but sometimes I just want me little babies.

I am about to have a kid in middle school, a second grader and a pre-K'er. I saw this commercial yesterday and realized I relate more to the dad than to the kids. I was feeling a little old and a little sad. Then E wanted me to snuggle her at bedtime. She let me play with her hair the way she liked since she was born. I stroked her little face until she fell asleep and enjoyed the brief glimpse of baby, knowing she would be back to skipping out the door with her backpack this morning.

P.S.- I realize S was largely left out of this post, but she is pretty much coasting through the last week and a half of first grade. No more homework, one last party- she might as well be done. : )  

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  1. What a cute photo of E. She looks so sweet and innocent. :)