Friday, May 24, 2013

TGIF squared

Friday is one of the most exciting days of the week for obvious weekend anticipation reasons. Today is even more exciting because I leave tomorrow morning for a little sister's vacay in Seattle. Take an incredibly busy and hard week at work, add a sick kid, and throw in some whole house cleaning for weekend visitors and you see why I am ready to board that plane. 

If I were staying home this weekend, I would be all over the release of Arrested Development season four on Netflix Sunday. And yes, I would probably watch all thirteen episodes before the end of the holiday. I may be a Bluth at heart, which is equally exciting and disturbing. 

My only break would be to watch the season two premiere of Longmire on A & E Monday night at 10 pm EST.  I recently watched the first season on Netflix and am really excited to not have to wait a million years until the next season. Longmire  is a crime drama about a sheriff in the (beautiful) wilds of small town Wyoming. It is based on the "Walt Longmire" mystery series that I have not read, but may give a go since the show is so good. I will say for such a small town, there is a lot of crime going on.  Western style shows are typically not my thing, but this show has really grabbed my attention. If you need another reason to watch: Lou Diamond Phillips as Walt's best friend. Boom. Good acting and easy on the eyes. : ) 

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. As I was reminded by a cartoon posted on Facebook (this is how I receive all my life lessons), it is not National BBQ Day. A big thank you to anyone who has ever served in the military and the families that support them. 

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