Monday, July 8, 2013


We leave today for what E keeps calling "bay-cation".  Since SOME people insisted on growing up and won't fit in a pack and play anymore, it gets a little more complicated to make hotel arrangements that don't involve paying for two rooms.  They should really provide warnings to people before having a third child.  "Warning: changing from a family of four to a motley crew of five incurs substantially more expense!"  Enter the condo.  We went with a two bedroom condo with two king beds and a fold out sofa. All three girls could fit in the bed if they want, but G is also claiming the sofa as a back up plan.  The resort has a lazy river with waterfalls, indoor pool and hot tub, playground, and game room. And yet, of all the photos online, this is the one that has held E's attention for over a week.
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No, she does not love kitchens in particular, or stainless steel or even eating at the counter.  The item in this photo that has her captivated: the bowl of fruit.  For a week, I have fielded questions such as "Is there going to be a bowl of fruit in our room?", "If there is fruit, will it be real or plastic?" and "If they don't have fruit, will you take me to the store to buy some fruit?".  Really.  I had no idea that all of E's expectations could be met by a simple bowl of fruit.  I wish I'd known this before I shelled out for a condo.

We'll be enjoying a week of cheesy family fun and relaxation. Hope you have a great week too!

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