Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Surprises

Hubs and I planned a grownups night out Saturday for a belated anniversary dinner.  The kids were excited to go get their gymnastics on while we enjoyed some kid free conversation.  Then the gymnastics place cancelled their Parents Night Out.  Apparently, they don't really want to open the facility and put on a whole big thing when only eight kids register.  Weird.

No problem.  We'll take the kids to dinner with us.  We planned to go to one of our favorite restaurants with a piano player.  We figured it was a good opportunity for the girls to get a little more experience with finer dining and enjoy some music.  Now we have eaten at this place numerous times and always been seated right away.  I even questioned if we should make a reservation this time and said, "Nah. We never need reservations." Kiss of death.  They were completely booked up.  Of course.

Now, this restaurant is in "historic" Buford where there are cute businesses and shops but precious few dinner selections.  As we are standing on the sidewalk, contemplating where to go, we notice a table with what looks like menus posted several doors down.  It turned out to be a restaurant neither of us had ever noticed and a server came out on the sidewalk to invite us in.  We must have looked really pathetic.  :  )  Long story short(ish), we ended up having a wonderful meal and good conversation as a family.  It was completely not the evening I had envisioned but it turned out really well.  Many times I feel disappointed when things, even small things like dinner, don't work out the way I think they will or should.  I focus so much energy on what I am not getting, I miss out on what is right there.  I am so glad I was able to enjoy the happy surprise of dinner with my family in a new favorite restaurant.  Have you ever had an experience that wasn't what you expected or planned, but turned into a happy surprise?

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