Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Recap

Do you ever feel like your "to do" list drags on forever and then suddenly you knock things out like gangbusters?  Yeah, me either.  Ha- I kid.  We've been unsatisfied with our front entrance area for a while. Hubs likes to buy things as he finds them.  I tend to wait until I know every single thing that will be in a space so I know it will all flow well together.  I've made some pretty regrettable designing choices in the past that I have no intention of reliving.  This almost always means nothing ever actually gets done, so it was extra satisfying to kick butt and take names this weekend.  

Warning- I am a terrible photographer.  I don't possess any skill in lighting, photo filtering, ensuring people don't have plants growing out of their heads, etc.  These photos will give you some idea what the heck I am talking about and that's about it.  

Our front door has those long side windows that were uncovered.  It brought a lot of light into the front entry, but it didn't lend itself to privacy- especially with the lights on at night.  I like to go downstairs for a late night snack and I may or may not like to put on pants.  Since the stairs end directly in front of these windows, it was in the best interest of the whole neighborhood to cover up.  (The windows, not me.)  I liked the look of curtains rather than blinds, so we just hung curtains over the whole thing.  The table and mirror is on the wall to the right of the front door.  

I LOVE this bench and map of Paris. Both came from TJ Maxx.  I generally like finding more unique items (as in not mass produced), but the map lets me daydream about my hopefully one day trip to Paris.  And the bench is actually comfy to sit and play Candy Crush Saga on my phone waiting on E to finish brushing her teeth every morning.

I really like the new rug.  I'm not sure that it "goes" with the pattern on the curtains, but it makes me happy and that is what really matters as far as I am concerned.  And just $50 for a 5x7 rug is a good deal in my book (on sale at Kirklands). Biscuit really loved the rug too, since he decided it was a perfect place to use as his bathroom the next day. He looks sorry, right?  Yeah, probably not so much.  Hubs hung the pretty little chandelier in front of the door.  He's an old hand at changing out lights, and I hid upstairs "doing laundry" so my arms weren't sore at all.  : )  

This sassy girl had her first Girl Scout meeting as a Brownie this weekend. I enjoy doing things with her troop, but I am especially glad that I am not Cookie Mom this year!  I've had the pleasure the last two years and wanted to share the joy with others.  If you buy Girl Scout cookies in the spring, just know that those cookies were lovingly picked up, counted and sorted by a Cookie Mom who is probably ready to lose her mind.  It was a busy but pretty good weekend. Hope yours was awesome too!  

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