Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Mr. Knightly- Book Review

I sat down to read Dear Mr. Knightley and enjoyed it so much, I kept reading until I was done!  Samantha Moore is a twenty-three-year-old orphan who frequently escapes into her beloved literary world of Austen, Dickens and Shakespeare.  Given the opportunity to attend journalism school by an anonymous benefactor going by the name Mr. Knightley, all Samantha has to do is write Mr. Knightley frequently detailing her progress.  Growing up in an abusive home, Samantha must stretch emotionally to become successful.

Dear Mr. Knightley is written primarily as a series of letters from Samantha Brown detailing her development personally and in school.  A one-sided account of Samantha's life could be very dry, but Katherine Reay writes in such an engaging manner, it held my interest the whole time.  Samantha is flawed and sometimes less than likable, but she was still a character I really rooted for.  My only complaint is I HATED the ending.  I saw a glimpse of it earlier in the book and hoped I was wrong, but unfortunately, the plot progressed as I feared it would.  I don't want to give anything away, but the resolution of Mr. Knightley was highly disappointing to me. A bad ending is a big deal, but the rest of the book was so enjoyable I still recommend this book.

I received this book for free from Booksneeze in exchange for my review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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