Monday, September 26, 2011

Girl Scout Daisies, Here We Come!

Yesterday was my daughter's first Girl Scout Daisy meeting.  Technically, it was a parents meeting and the kids ran wild and jumped on a trampoline, but it was still very exciting.  We have been trying for a while to help our older girls find some extracurricular activity that they would enjoy and help them be a little more social.  I was thinking ballet, gymnastics, or karate.  They decided on Girl Scouts.  The Girl Scouts is a fine organization and provides a great experience for many girls.  They also make some outstanding cookies.  However, my first thought was “Please let there not a camping component to this thing”.

I really like the idea of camping under the stars, making s’mores over a fire and telling spooky stories.  I am not so excited about bugs flying around my face, sleeping on the ground, or being terrified I’ll run across ticks/snakes/bears in the woods.  My daughter has said on more than one occasion that she enjoys staying in hotels and ordering room service (and I am pretty sure I know where she inherited that taste).  I also enjoy indoor plumbing and hot showers, neither of which seems readily available in the wilderness. 

The study areas briefly discussed involved touring gardens to learn how plants grow or a service project, but one can never be too careful. If we do end up on a camping trip, I’ll go with a smile and great attitude.  And maybe an inflatable mattress in my backpack. 

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