Thursday, September 22, 2011

Netflix Saved My Sanity

From the time I was a small child, I have loved television.  I can watch TV every waking hour of the day and not be bored at all.  Hmm, that may not be something I should brag about.  Anyway, since none of my children go quietly into the night at bedtime, I have missed years of quality entertainment.  Honestly, some of my taste runs toward very non-quality entertainment (“Dance Moms”, anyone?) but I digress.  There were a ton of shows I missed out on until Netflix came into my life.  Now I can catch up on a decade’s worth of shows I missed the first time around. 

Now I can waste hours of my life watching “Psych” (up to season 5, thank you very much), “Samantha Who” and one day may get back to the beginning of “Damages”.  I watched “Cashmere Mafia” this week, but with only seven episodes it just takes a day or two, tops.  I introduced my none year old to the hilarity of the infamous "Cheers" Thanksgiving episode.  Unfortunately, my younger two have discovered a plethora of Barney movies and season one of "ICarly" is available any time they want.  And they want it a lot.  Anyway, having relatively cheap entertainment on demand makes mama happy.  At this rate, I may be able to catch up on every show made in the last decade!

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