Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cool Sites to Check Out

I'm still recovering from the latest episode of "Downton Abbey", so I have precious little mental ability to write anything brilliant.  One of the brief exchanges that stuck out from this week's episode was Cora instructing Mary to tell her father to sleep in the drawing room that night.  Awkward.  That has nothing to do with this post.  I just enjoy those uncomfortable moments that happen to other people.  I enjoy my own uncomfortable moments significantly less.

I'm sharing a few websites that I am currently enjoying and thought you may want to check out as well. This website has some Pinterst "Pin It" qualities to it, but revolves around shopping.  As you browse your favorite online stores, you can save the items you like/want/need in your "shelf".  The site also allows you to view the pricing history of an item and set the price you want, so you can receive an alert when that perfect spring blouse you lust over hits your wanted price point.  You can also monitor sales and deals at multiple stores and share your wish list items with friends.  (Hint, hint- SOMEONE has a birthday in August.) You have to sign up and it helps to install their "Shelf-It" button in your toolbar, but it is nice to keep all the items from numerous stores in one place.

DoneNotDone- I have tried various ways to keep up with books I'd like to read, movies to watch, etc. and haven't found a reliable system yet.  I just complained this weekend to the hubs that I wish Netflix would let you save movies you want to watch so they could go in your instant queue as soon as Netflix gets them.  This site (and phone app) lets you save movies to watch, books to read and things to do in one place, along with things you have already done.  If you share the app with your friends, you can see what your friends have done or watched and add that to your "not done" list.  I just signed up this morning and have more tooling around to do but it seems like a cool concept.

Charles Emerson Jewelry- The jewelry is unique and fresh without going too weird. Classic pieces with a modern feel? I just know I like almost every piece they make (and not just because they have a "Carrie" bracelet).  Their pieces are also well within my price point, which is a big deal since I am so cheap frugal.  Bracelets around $15?  Yes, please.

Incredibox- An mesmerizing way to make odd music and easily kill twenty minutes before you even know it.


  1. Thanks for the site suggestions--I'll have to check all those out!

  2. Another fun jewelry site with fairly reasonable prices (at least on many items) is Bauble Bar ( And remember, my birthday comes up before yours! :)