Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frankie Says Relax

Accordingly to a highly scientific (or not) PBS online quiz, I am most like "Downton Abbey" character Lady Edith. Poor Lady Edith is the Jan Brady of the 1920's. Sandwiched between the bewitching temptress Mary and rebelling against the classes Sybil, Edith gets less attention than the family dog. I always perceived Edith as weak and whiny, not  headstrong like her sisters. However, watching the latest episode featuring Lady Edith and Sir Anthony reminded me how persistent Edith can be when she wants something. Back in the day, she started chasing Matthew until it was clear he was going to Mary (shocker). Then she brazenly pursued Sir Anthony until he took her for car rides and presumably fell in love with her.  She even raged against the Crawley machine when Papa told Sir Anthony to back off AND HE DID to win back her man.  Why she would want a man who wouldn't put up any sort of fight for her is beyond me, but that is a discussion for another day. Anyway, Edith is clearly taking charge of her life come hell or high water to get what she wants.

In this way, I do see how I am somewhat like Edith. I find myself trying to control everything. I create so much stress and extra work for myself by worrying about things that may never even happen. My current obsession and cause of stress is worrying about housing prices for when we move. In three to four years.  Yes, I am currently spending time monitoring house prices and worrying about something that will not even possibly happen for close to four years. Do you know how many things can happen and change in the next four years? So ridiculous. I am so wrapped up in the future I am probably missing all kinds of things that are actually happening today.  And as we learned from Edith's cautionary tale of a life, I can push and push and push for things to go the way I want and something will still go sideways. We can't control everything. So I'll take the advice of my good friend Frankie and relax. Allow myself to enjoy the here and now. Loosen up for heavens sake and soak today in.  How about you?

(PS-If you don't get the title reference, you seriously need to study up on classic 80's music.)

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  1. I would never compare you to Lady Edith--she seems to wear her stress on her sleeve whereas you always seem laid-back and chill, at least when you're around me. Then again maybe I'm a calming influence on you, ha ha! But like you, I sometimes find myself getting caught up in worrying about things that may or may not happen a long time from now. I think there's a difference in wisely planning for the future and fretting over it, and sometimes it's hard to find that balance of planning ahead while also enjoying and managing today.