Friday, January 18, 2013

Rockin' Friday

Here are things rocking my Friday:

Cup of deliciousness

  • Since I almost exclusively eat lunch at home (given I work from home, duh), a weekly latte is a well deserved treat. This is a skinny caramel latte in case you are the curious sort.
  • Despite dire warnings, our area received NO snow or ice: AKA school is open! A three day weekend is a joy. A four day weekend is pushing it. 
  • The Atlanta Falcons commercial voiced by Samuel L. Jackson = awesome! It culminates with Jackson's signature speaking/yelling demanding that Falcon fans "Rise Up!". The part that cracks me up is where I keep expecting his line to be "What do m$#@! f*!%ing Falcons do? Rise Up!".  I guess the Falcons didn't want a "Pulp Fiction" version of their ad, but it would really get the people going.  (Fun fact: Samuel L. Jackson sold concessions at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium when he was a student at Morehouse College.)  
  • I am taking my 11 year old shopping for a dress this weekend because she is going to her first school dance next week (sniff, sniff)! She is attending with four or five other girls and I imagine the girls and boys will rarely mingle at this dance, but is still adorable.  
  • Finally, I have Monday off, travel pay from work, and a clothing store gift card. It's the perfect storm for shopping opportunity! Have a great weekend!

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