Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Near Miss

Yesterday was the girls first day back to school (cue the angels singing).  When I went to pick the little ones up from after-school care, E was very excited to tell me that the fire alarm went off that day and her classroom was flooded.  Um, what?  Apparently, the sprinkler system was somehow activated and three pre-K classrooms were soaked.  Luckily, a) there was no actual fire, b) the pre-K kids (like E) were at lunch in the cafeteria area, not the classrooms, and c) their backpacks were already hung out in the main room.  No wet kids or backpacks, just wet classrooms.  Very exciting for the kids.  Much less exciting for the owner, I am sure.

When E and I rolled up into the drop off line for pre-K this morning, we were second in line and no one else pulled in behind me.  AKA- clue #1.  Clue #2 was the nice day care worker who came out to tell us pre-K is cancelled today and tomorrow because of the watery classrooms.  This is when Tom Cruise from "A Few Good Men" whispered in my ear, "And the hits just keep on coming." and I briefly wondered if 8:00 am was too early for a drink.  I just got these kids back in school, I can't take her home again!  Then that sweet day care angel said the kids enrolled in before or after school care could come on in.  They would be in a different room with a different teacher, but they would sort of follow some pre-K type lesson plans.  Score!  I love that kid but I can't miss her if she's always here.  : )  Hopefully, today will be a little more boring at day care.

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