Monday, January 20, 2014

Day(s) of Rest

Last Tuesday, I woke up extra extra to drive over an hour to attend an all day meeting. I was required to talk, actively listen, and take notes for more than eight hours then drive home again.  I did it all again on Wednesday, except I also stumbled down some stairs.  Thankfully, only one person in my group was with me and have the grace to make sure I was okay then never mention it again.  Thursday (and Friday and part of Saturday), my ankle and thigh muscles were extraordinarily sore from catching myself on the stairs.  I've also been enjoying daily sinus pain from a head cold.  This tells me that a) my thigh muscles rarely get a workout of any kind, and b) the fact that these relatively minor aches and pains have been so bothersome tells me I generally enjoy pretty good health.

Long hours, sore muscles, and sinus pressure have made this long weekend welcome.  I have done a quite noble imitation of a sloth for the last two days.  The lights were shaking above my head yesterday as children ran and laughed and possibly wrestled elephants upstairs, but they were leaving me alone to read a book so on the couch I remained.  Today I will wash clothes, unload the bookcase from my van and generally resume normal life responsibilities but it was nice to have a couple of days off.  : )

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