Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weather Delay

Today was supposed to be the first day back to school for kids and work for me since the holidays. Instead, county schools are closed here today due to weather.  The weather isn't actually bad: no snow or rain going on here.  Apparently,  letting kids wait on the bus in below freezing weather poses some safety issues.  Who knew.  I absolutely have to get back to work today, so we will see how we all get along throughout the day.

Have I mentioned this is Day 18 of fun, family togetherness?  : )  Day 18.  I have enjoyed time off from work, and we were able to do some family activities we all enjoyed, like looking at Christmas lights with hot chocolate, seeing "Frozen", and Saturday's Cuban restaurant and bowling night.  However, eighteen days is a looooong time for me to be around the same people.  I need my personal space, and two of my children don't believe in my having personal space.  At all.  I love them to pieces, but they need to go back to school.  : )

I have been able to tackle this stack of lovelies during my time off:

Some are library books, some were Christmas presents and some are borrowed from my sister.  So far, everything I have read has been pretty good.  If I could get paid to read and watch really good TV shows all day, I would be in heaven.  Speaking of really good TV shows, how wonderful was it to welcome "Downton Abbey" back last night?  Sigh, I've missed them (both upstairs and downstairs folk).  I'm also super ready for the return of "Sherlock" this month!  I re-watched seasons 1 and 2 this past week to get ready (and remember what the heck was going on).  So, if you hear of a great need for book readers and show watchers, just let me know.    

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