Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday is My Happy Day

Everybody loves Friday!  The day, not that horrible song.  Well, I guess if I worked on weekends I would not love Fridays as much as I do, but I don't, so I do (follow me?).  Fridays are the day I say, "Yes! I WILL have that Starbucks drink today-it's Friday!" Have you seen ads for the new Caramel Flan Latte? I may need to check it out today.  I use the word "need" very loosely.  Like I need new clothes.  And makeup. And maybe an SUV to replace my minivan because minivans are very uncool.

One thing I always need (for reals) is a good book.  I'm a little iffy about a lot of recommended book lists because I never know if my taste in reading is the same as the person who created the list.  I'm a lot iffy about movies being made from books, as the book is almost always better than the movie in my opinion.  However, I am really excited about this list on Buzzfeed. It combines my love of books with my more than like of movies!  I must confess I did not realize a couple of these movies were based on books.  Other books on this list have not been on my radar at all (insert face of shame).  I love Helen Mirren and would probably watch her read a phone book.  Add in food and Paris- I'm totally there.  Kate Winslet and George Clooney movies are pretty safe bets as well. Quirky movies are my thing, so I'm really interested in "A Long Way Down".  Since a lot of these movies look promising to me, I would really like to check out these books.  This may be the first reading list I actually follow.  We need to return a lot of books to our local library this weekend, so hopefully they will have at least a couple of these.  (As if I need more books to read- see my post from two days ago.)

Wish me luck- S and I are attending a "Leadership Academy" at her school Saturday morning.  When I signed up for it before Christmas, 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday seemed a lot more reasonable.  I think a lot of things probably seem more reasonable when they are that far off.  Well played, elementary school.  

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