Monday, August 19, 2013

I Love Technology

As Kip so eloquently sings in Napoleon Dynamite, I love technology.  It admittedly freaked me out a bit to have a child old enough to carry a cell phone, given how ridiculously young I seem. (Young- immature, potato- patattah, people)  However, texting has opened a whole new world for me.  I've trained G to text me when she's bored waiting on the bus after school.  She thinks she is burning up time, but secretly it helps me keep tabs on when her bus is on the move. Side note- if anyone ever hacks our texts, there may be some disturbing conversations.  And inappropriate use of emoticons.  And maybe some yo mama jokes.  It's also an easy way to talk to people without actually having to talk to them.  Or get up.  I may or may not have also texted Hubs to bring me a cup of milk upstairs.  In my defense, I was cozy in bed and he was going to walk right through the kitchen when he came home.

The downside of texting is that G texts ALL THE TIME.  She and her BFF JP text in the morning before school starts, and all evening until bedtime.  Keep in mind they have four classes together at school.  What the heck are they talking about all the time?! We went to dinner Friday night and every time I looked over at G, she was giggling at her phone.  I told Hubs it was like JP came to dinner with us, but we didn't have to pay for his food.  I hope for his parent's sake that JP also has an unlimited texting plan.

The younger girls obviously don't have phones, but they can work a laptop or iPad like a pro.  Even my four year old can get to her shows on Netflix without help.  Thank goodness for Netflix- it entertains my girls when I need time to clean, or put away laundry, or possibly veg out watching HGTV alone in my room.  The shows they watch are perfectly normal kid shows, which means they are like torture to me.  They watch the same crap for days then switching to a different kind of crap.  I've been forced to hear the theme song to "A.N.T. Farm", "Shake It Up", and some weirdo Australian mermaid show hundreds of times in a month.  If you aren't familiar with these shows, count yourself very lucky.  I guess the trade off for kids being entertained is the grownups want to jam an icepick in their ears.  However, it is a price I am willing to pay for a hour's worth of peace.  Well played, Netflix kids zone.

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