Monday, August 26, 2013

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend

Okay, it wasn't the worst weekend in the world.  No one died or was injured (though I did consider it), but it was unusually bad.  I'm not sure what happened with S on Saturday, but from waking up to falling asleep she was a nightmare.  Yelling, crying, door slamming- this was not the sweetie pie we usually see.  She insisted that G play school with her, and the entire time they "played" she was a mean, cranky bossy-pants. G gets some pleasure out of antagonizing her little sisters, so her "sorry, S" while giggling was not quite believable.  S told G to stop humming because it was annoying, and G said, "Your mom's annoying."  (We are Napoleon Dynamite fans and use Kip's line "Your mom goes to college" in numerous, disturbing ways.) Well, that just set S off again and we had to have an intervention.  She eventually calmed down but she was prickly until she fell asleep watching a movie.

Whatever S had Saturday, I am pretty sure I had it Sunday.  If you have ever lived with other people, perhaps you can relate.  I can walk around for days, if not weeks, and tolerate a certain level of clutter. Then one day, I just can't take it one more second and anyone who created the clutter is in my cross hairs.    How am I the only person who sees toys strewn all over the floor, dirty cups left out, or (most annoying) bits of trash two inches away from the freaking trash can?! Toys and books get left in the middle of the floor. On eo four dogs, Biscuit, likes to chew up both so then I have to pick up bits of toy or paper strewn around my room or under my bed.  I am so sick and tired of cleaning up after other people.  I may have yelled.  Okay, I yelled.  I follow The Orange Rhino and I try to yell a lot less, but I was at the end of my rope.  I felt guilty and like a terrible parent.  On the plus side, the girls cleaned the playroom and their bathroom and we all ate cookies.  At the end of a long, trying weekend, the girls had the audacity to gang up on me and tell they want another little sister/brother.  I have never been so happy for a Monday morning to roll around.

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