Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mother/Daughter Book Club

I leave today for a work trip to North Carolina.  The flight from Atlanta will be short, but I'll probably have hours to kill just waiting in the airport.  Given a choice of sitting at my gate two hours early and running through the terminal to make my flight- let me just say I frequently have time to eat a meal, run down the battery on my phone and use the bathroom seven times while waiting to board.

I wasn't able to run to the library so I asked G if she had any books I might enjoy.  Dumb question- G brought me a stack of books.  She strongly recommended Hunger Games and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  I passed because I've seen the movies and isn't that good enough?  G said, "You should really read these.  You never remember who the characters are or the plot.  It's not good, Mom".  Sad face. I still passed.  I know lots of grown people love these books, but I am not reading these tween books in public.  Sorry.  Another suggestion was a book on little known facts about U.S. Presidents.  It sounded cool until G read me an example that some President (John Adams?) liked to skinnydip.  PASS.  And eww.  

These are the three books I chose as possibilities.

Chew On This chronicles the evils of fast food.  Maybe it will compel me to eat in a more healthy manner (AKA fewer delicious french fries).  Museum of Thieves is about, well, after reading the back I am still not sure what it is about but it has potential.  Finally, The Space Tourist's Handbook gives advice on what to expect when traveling in space (as if).  I have a feeling the section titled "How to Appear Sane in the Psychological Exam" will be of most practical use for me.  And my new issue of "Allure" because, come on, I need to keep with trends in makeup I rarely wear and fall fashions I probably won't get around to buying.  A girl can dream... 

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